Any problems check our Carephone SOS Tracker or Carephone Smart Home devices please here first

Downloading the Smartphone app

Downloading our app is all it takes to control your device. Carephone Smart Home proprietary technology connects the dots in the background.

Available to download for iOS and Android devices, just click on the correct link below

Carephone Smart App - Apple Store Download

Carephone Smart App - Google Play Download

Setting emergency contacts

Text the tracker number with A1 from the required emergency contact phone

A reply of “set mobile number 1 OK!”

Repeat for further emergency contacts B1 and C1

Request Tracker location

To request the location of the Tracker simply text “Loc” from one of the emergency contact numbers

A reply will be sent with a link to the Trackers location

Credit, balance and SIM top up

To top up your balance follow this link

Fill in the form on the page and follow payment prompts

You can also check your balance on the same page

The costs are: 12p per minute / 12p per text / 12p per mb data


To top up follow this link

The number is displayed on the SIM card inside the box

The GPS location can be accurate to 5 -10 metres, however used indoors or areas with poor GPS coverage the accuracy will reduce

To set up the device any mobile can be used, however, to access location links a smartphone is recommended

Yes, simply text “SMSO” to disable the SOS alarm

You can add up to 3 emergency contacts. However, anybody with the Tracker number will be able to call the Tracker and speak to the user

The default time zone should be GMT (UTC)

To change the time zone, simply text the Trackers mobile number:
“TZ+” to move forward
“TZ-” to move back
Followed by the number of hours, always use digits.

For example, to move forward 2 hours from GMT, text “TZ+2”

Text the Tracker “SMSO” to disable text alerts to reactivate text “SMS1”

Still have issues?


If none of the above FAQs solve the issue text “REBBOT” to the Tracker from one of the emergency numbers. This will reboot the Tracker without losing any information


If that doesn’t work or the Tracker needs wiping text “RESET!” from an emergency contact and this will remove any information (not including credit)

You can also use the form below to contact us

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